1. Things in the world, the original pieces are hidden. ——Liu Zhenyun
  2. Don't let go if you can hold it tightly. Don't pull it if you can hug it.
  3. You are too sensitive and too soft.
  4. If a person who often takes the initiative to find you is no longer active, then you will lose this person without taking the initiative.
  5. When you grow up, be prepared to leave everyone.
  6. If you are too bitter, you should say less, and you will do less with impulsiveness.
  7, the person you forget, the mobile phone input method will remember for you.
  8. Hard life, but if you have the ability to laugh at life, you have the ability to enjoy life.
  9. The premise of being lucky is that he has the ability to change himself. - Su Tong
  10, I would rather run and be mixed up countless times, and I don't want to follow the rules for a lifetime.
  11. There is only one kind of feeling in the world that can be cultivated into a positive result, that is, a feeling of response.
  12, don't always say that the Japanese leader, this world is back between the people are walking tea.
  13, cold war in a long distance, crying to breathing difficulties, even if the tears soaked the pillow can not be felt, you thought I just accidentally fell asleep.
  14. Don't take the memories of the past to torture yourself. To learn to turn over, know that everything happens with its truth.
  15. Do you know the benefits of falling to the bottom? You will only have one way left, that is to go up. - "Happy Voices"
  16, life is only one person, know that I am warm and cold, understand my joys and sorrows.
  17. Love is the life of the rice and oil with the people you love.
  18. I hope you understand that I can see everything, but it does not affect my vengeance.
  19. The happiest thing in this world is that if you say something, someone listens, and you express your understanding. Someone loves you and loves one life.
  20, meet you later, the rest of your life is you.