1. People who are ugly, can't forgive others when they look up, let alone make mistakes.
  2. If you live long enough, you will find that every victory will become a failure. - Simone de Beauvoir
  3. Our ugliness is that we don't know our ugliness. ——Bai Yang
  4. Say the dream that will be laughed at , and realize the value of realization. Even if you fall down, you are very heroic. - nine knives
  5, encounter things, first deal with emotions, post-processing things, emotional processing is not good, things will be worse.
  6, life is growing, growth is life. I know how to put it down and let go of my heart.
  7, in the life of all things, I only like you.
  8. May the sun everywhere you go, and the warmth of your dreams.
  9. You always feel that you can't let go of someone. It's not necessarily love. It's just attachment and memories.
  10, love and gifts do not reach out to ask.
  11, you don't have to be good, I like it. I don't have much good, you don't want to give up.
  12. Choose the person who makes you happy to spend the rest of your life, not the one you have to work hard to please.
  13. There is always a layer of foam on the top of the beer. It looks like a huge but full of air, and your feelings are also.
  14, time will tell you all the truth. Some things, until you get awake, understand that it is a mistake.
  15. You said that no matter what I became, you would not leave me, so I took off the mask and saw you who had escaped.
  16. It’s not that there is no taste in this year, but now the New Year is the most happy person.
  17. The relationship between us is like a game. I have reached the full level and you have deleted the game.
  18, 1 then miss you, but dare not bother you, the past is not like smoke, but serious people are a little pitiful.
  19. Now I am smarter, but I am confused. - "Beauty and the Beast"
  20, time is not old, we are not scattered.