1. Who has never had a night of crying to heartbreaking, who has never had the thought of turning to the side.
  2, can not live like a water year, can not escape this teenager.
  3. It is not easy for a person with a soft heart to be happy. If someone else hurts her or she hurts others, she will be sick in her heart. ——Yan Geyu
  4. If one day I can contribute to my public interest, I will consider myself to be the happiest person in the world. - Gogol
  5, if you are destined to be lonely, there should be no warmth worthy of greed. If you are destined to lose, why is it necessary to have the happiness you once had.
  6. Your future, I will accompany you to the end.
  7. Life is a superposition of twenty-four hours after another. In such a precious time, I must understand my choice.
  8, meet is a matter of water, do yourself a good job, and then wait for you, after all, the best you can match the best of you.
  9, some words, say or not, are hurt. Some people, stay and stay, will leave!
  10. Don't hate the world because you have been hurt before; don't give up on yourself because you have been abandoned. You have to remember: you are always worthy of being loved.
  11, the color that can not be touched, is it called a rainbow? Isn’t the hug that you can’t see? A person, thinking of a person, is it called loneliness?
  12, often know each other, can not be doubtful; do not doubt, can always know each other. - Cao Yu
  13, weight loss is simply the most anti-human thing in the world, do not eat hungry want to beat people, you can eat and want to fight yourself.
  14, some landscapes can only like but can not be collected, just like some people are only suitable for meeting, but not suitable for long-term companionship.
  15. Life is short, let go, look down, and slowly fade away...
  16. Tonight, you and I have a whole round of bright moons, but wherever you are, I have to miss the end of the earth.
  17, I am eager to be collected, properly placed, carefully preserved. I am shocked, free from my suffering, free me from leaving, so that I can't rely on it. But that person, I know, I always knew that he would never come.
  18, often experience unhappiness, only to know what is happiness, just like the person who met the fault, only to know who is right.
  19. Youth is a stroke in a dream. You wake up in its warmth, but you don't know where to go.
  20. Those who truly love you will not only find you in the middle of the night.