1. One night after many years, will you suddenly think of me, and then tears like a spring, only to find that you have owed me too much.
  2. I didn't want to win, I just didn't want to lose. - "Flying Life"
  3, people must be arrogant and powerful, will not be bullied; must also be humble and compassion, so as not to bully others.
  4. For a wish that I don't know if it can be realized, people sometimes will spare a lifetime. Laughing at his stupid people, after all, is just a passing of life. - Akutagawa Ryunosuke
  5, life is full of disappointment, not all waiting can be achieved, you are laughing, do not panic.
  6. There is always someone who deserves all the gentleness and affection, waiting for him, waiting for him, waiting for him...
  7. It is more important to be happy than to be sensible.
  8. How many years have you broken through the year; how much have you put down day after day; how much do you get in every possible way; carefully count how much you have lost; how much you can’t worry about; how much you are worried about; how greedy you are How much has been created; how much you have enjoyed in life; how much you have taken away at the end of your life.
  9. I like that when I get up in the morning, everything is unknown. I don't know who I will meet, what kind of ending will happen. --"Titanic"
  10. If the right thing can't persist , it will stop in the wrong process, so there will never be a right day.
  11. How far is it from birth to death? Between breathing. How far is it from the fans to the realization? in a moment. How far is it from love to hate? Between impermanence.
  12, I have been separated from you for a while, and my thoughts are getting thicker. I can no longer use my smile to ease my thoughts.
  13. I hope that you will meet a good person, not a garbage, not a junk that pretends to be a good person.
  14, the page turned over, one page passed away; today became yesterday, yesterday became a past, and in the past it seems like a drop of water on the tip of the needle in the sea; in my future, it will be inevitable that it will flow in the flow of time, no There is no shadow in the sound.
  15, a fierce look at you is not good, a closer look is not as good as a fierce look.
  16, life will always meet two people: one rushed to youth, one to help life.
  17. You are a happy young man, and vice versa.
  18, never forget the person who pulled you, even if one day he can no longer help you, but also remember his good, because he used to help you when you look up and feel at a loss. ———To all who have helped me
  19. If you live, you will die sooner or later. If you die, you will live forever. --"Let the bullets fly"
  20, the dream will always be broken, the heart will always be tired.