1. Because I don't want to be seen again, I learned to hide. Because I didn't want to be stabbed again, I learned to pretend.
  2. Everything is spiritual, and the vegetation is all right. Everything in this world, except the epidermis, is the same body. The same grandeur, the same silence.
  3. I like warmth, and you happen to be the sun.
  4. Some people feel that their age is not small and they have not matured yet. In fact, you have matured, and you mature.
  5, a lot of age, believe less and less. - Murakami Haruki
  6, Sanli Qingfeng Sanli Road, step by step, breeze step by step you.
  7, I can think of the best ending, that is, the rest of my life is grand.
  8, the purpose of busy is often: enjoy life, return to parents, meet lover, want to be selfless; busy results are often: can not enjoy life, away from parents, left behind the lover, into selfish.
  9, the story of the early morning is the most heart-felt, people who sleep late can not care.
  10, don't always grieve yourself because of the change of others, there are few people in this world worthy of your total bending.
  11. If I am allowed to live another life, I am willing to repeat my life. Because I never regret the past, not afraid of the future. ——Montaigne
  12. Too many people mistakenly understand naiveness as pure. If you have experienced the sacred field, you still insist on you, that is pure; if you have seen too few worlds, you think that you are, that is innocent.
  13. I want to wake up one day and open my eyes. I find myself sitting on the desks and chairs in the classroom. The chalk head thrown by the teacher is just on the forehead. Many things can be started again.
  14, the so-called dream , not what you dreamed of while sleeping, but thought of what makes you excited to sleep.
  15. When people are in a bad mood, they can't say the loss, the sadness that they don't understand, and the unclear stagger.
  16. Believe it or not, there will be individuals. Seriously, you will read every state of yours, including every reply below, but you will not say a word .
  17. After hard work, I know a lot of things, insist on persistence, and come over.
  18, we are always busy thinking about the feelings of others, but forget that the world should be the best, but it is itself.
  19. Once we identify one thing, our thoughts will become one-sided. --"animal world"
  20, the film is too kind, always let the missed people meet again; life is not the same, some people say goodbye will never see again. —— Netease cloud music hot review wall “blank grid”