1. There is warmth in my heart, and I am afraid that life is desolate.
  2, people with more words, always trying to hide what; silent people, the heart must firmly believe in what.
  3, the mountain has Mu Yiqing interested, last night the star is just like you.
  4, we are always busy thinking about the feelings of others, but forget that the world should be the best, but it is itself.
  5, out of the campus, into the community, other people's views on you, depends on your financial resources.
  6, Si Jun is like a full moon, night and night to reduce the Qing.
  7, promise this thing, too worthless, the matter of touching the upper and lower teeth, no cost, listen to it, in the ear, do not mind.
  8, you smile, I am happy for many days, you remember a word for many years, even if it is a happy, I like you, nothing to do with the wind.
  9. Some girls feel that it is cute to say that they are eating goods. In fact, there is no such effect.
  10. When I am sitting with the enemy, I am awake. When I forget myself, I am with my friends. - Wood heart
  11, "As the date comes," is a wonderful word, waiting for the hard work, but never let down.
  12, sometimes I really want to talk to you, heartily about what to say, but every time I talk to my mouth suddenly suddenly realized, I am a status, I am a fart!
  13. If one day I say "I miss you", I don't mean that I miss you this day. I mean I can't help it this day.
  14. Silly children who only want to pay for their unrequited feelings in their relationships often get what they want, and they don’t get any return.
  15. Missing a person when you are lonely is nothing, but if you miss it when you are busy, it is different.
  16. We are all good at the heart, but we hope that the other party knows.
  17. The word "desire" sounds like greed, but no one can be excused.
  18. All misunderstandings in this world come from no understanding. All contradictions come from non-communication. All misses come from distrust.
  19. If you decide to give up, please give up.
  20, I hope that no years can turn back, and with a deep affection.