1. It is only occasionally needed, never very important.
  2. Maybe when you don't expect anything, everything will come as expected.
  3, this life, as the person said, such as fish drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge. There are too few people who know me, few people who know the heart, and many treasures, and many treasures!
  4, 蒹葭 苍 ,, white dew as frost; so-called Iraqi, on the water side. - " Book of Songs "
  5. Thank you for the chain that fell when I needed you the most, let me see how cool the world is.
  6. In this era of turmoil, individualists have nowhere to live, but there is always a place where they can accommodate an ordinary couple. - Zhang Ailing, "Love in the City"
  7. The extent to which people can be happy is still not clear. The extent to which people can be disappointed is often refreshed.
  8, cheap and greedy, there is no free lunch in the world. Before you want to get anything, ask yourself if you can afford the price.
  9, I found that love is a kind of ability, it is not for you to find a person who is very suitable for you, but to find a good person, and slowly adapt to him.
  10, I don't know romance, see the mountain is the mountain, see the water is the water, I saw you alone, see the flowers open smile, see the sea is ascetic.
  11, do not know where to come so confident , always feel that he will come back, will suddenly appear next to me, accompany me to do unfinished things.
  12, the ear does not smell the human right, the eyes do not ignore the short person, the mouth does not say anything.
  13. You don't have to go to find a network. The only thing you need to worry about is to train your skills.
  14, time has changed, the distance is hurting God. Some people, when they see something, look down on it.
  15. The reason why I am happy is because there is a clear spring in front of my eyes. You are the source of my happiness.
  16. Struggle is hard every day, but it is getting easier every year; not fighting is easy every day, but it is getting harder every day.
  17. The people who really stick to the end rely not on passion, but on just the right kind of love and input.
  18, whether it is work, life, or marriage, do not go to compare, there is no harm without comparison. I have a long life, tiredness, irritability, and disappointment. After seeing the truth, please still love life.
  19. After seeing the truth, please still love life.
  20. May we have the ability to love ourselves and have the strength to love others.