1. Be alive, know how to be willing. The coming will come, the go all-going will go, don't resist, don't stay, don't give up, don't worry. Don't bite back to the things that have passed away, because that one is not yours.
  2, good words a warm three winter, bad words hurt people in June cold. Knife sore is easy to go, bad words are difficult to eliminate. Be kind, talk to others, do things, and grasp the distance.
  3. Every life is different. We don't have to understand it. We just need to respect each other.
  4, let yourself be busy, busy until there is no time to think about things that are not important, many things are quietly forgotten.
  5. For those who have faith, death is the gate of eternal life. - "Paradise Lost"
  6, we can't help anyone, live adult people are satisfied with the look, a lot of things are just like eating, six or seven full is enough, don't die.
  7, I understand the truth, but it is not the truth that can comfort me, but you.
  8. You know, most people don't have such deep fate and embarrassment. No one is wrong. No one has a bad feeling. If you let go, you choose to hold it tight. Of course, you have to be sad.
  9, emotion is the devil, you do not control it, it will engulf you.
  10, no matter how hard the road ahead, as long as the direction of the right, no matter how rugged, is closer to happiness than standing in the same place. --"Spirited Away"
  11. Don't talk coldly about what others like.
  12. Good people are confused in their pursuit, but they will eventually realize that there is a right way. - "Faust"
  13, look down, do not care too much about the face of others; simple, do not use the ruler given by others, measure their length. Good attitude, everything is well.
  14, no love is no big deal, but unfortunately you have become depraved.
  15. Don't talk coldly about what others like, and don't chatter about what you like.
  16. Sometimes you have to push yourself to be mean, let everyone know that you are not weak.
  17, the years are pens, Acacia into the ink, this line of life is between you.
  18. Is it true that all actions of sincerity and love will whipping people sooner or later? --"Snow Country"
  19. I always made a regrettable decision after thinking about it and thinking about it.
  20. May your burden be a gift, and your suffering will light your way.