1. There is no such thing as “do not do” in this world. When you lose all your dependence, you will naturally have nothing.
  2, there is a city in the heart, there is a pain in the city. What can't be forgotten is the memory. What continues is life. There are a lot of people coming and going around. There is always a place that has not changed.
  3, never forget your initial enthusiasm, if it is fading, indicating that you are about to leave, do not forget the initial heart, you have to always!
  4. It is not because of the difficulties, we are afraid of it; but because we are afraid, things become difficult.
  5, In fact, you really can, slowly like everything you like, in your rhythm, no one will beat you.
  6. The best thing I have ever done is to insist on you as always, and have not wavered .
  7, I thought you loved me very much, I love you very much, and suddenly found out that we just love ourselves deeply.
  8, heart, if there is no place to live, where is the wandering. - San Mao
  9. When you want to give up, some people believe that there is hope for progress. Those who walk farther than you are no smarter than you, just go a little more every day. Persistence is the most powerful force.
  10, true love should know how to cherish, no one and who is born with destiny to be together, life is not long, how lucky people can meet the beloved, why not clench her hand.
  11. When we were young, we gave up and thought that it was just a relationship. But finally I realized that it was actually a lifetime.
  12. The viciousness of honest and honest people, like the uncle in the gravel or bone fish in the rice, will give people a pain that they do not expect. - Qian Zhongshu, "The Besieged City"
  13, the so-called fate, that is to say, this "human drama" needs a variety of roles, you can only be one of them, can not be exchanged at will.
  14, the ever-changing is the human heart, the immortal is the fate.
  15. You don't pretend to be yourself. If you are isolated, you should deserve it.
  16, you are not me, you will not know how much I care about you, but do not understand how much I fear that one day I will lose you.
  17. To argue with one right and wrong, it is better to watch for a moment. Looking at the chaos, it is better to be quiet.
  18, the ever-changing is the human heart, the immortal is the fate. ——— Canoe
  19. We are all like children. It is because of dependence; courtesy is because it is strange; initiative, because it cares; not contact, because it feels redundant.
  20, walking together is a fate, walking together is happiness.