1. Most social relationships are superficial. It is great to respect each other and be friendly. Really, no one is more sincere.
  2, the world of adults, it should be decisive and simply, not to delay anyone, not to consume anyone, not to waste anyone, this is a kindness.
  3, don't worry that reality is always farther than the dream , don't care about the harvest is not as rich. Your attitude towards the present will determine your future height.
  4, seven emotions and six desires are too annoying, I just want to be heartbroken for you.
  5, what this eye can see, the ear can hear is not the plum branch on the shoulder, not the drizzle in the mountains, not the bitter mountain. But you, this world. - "World"
  6. Your good fortune is hidden in your strength, and hidden in your unseen efforts. The harder you work, the luckier you are.
  7, temper this stuff I control is not good, my heart is not so large, can not take care of everyone's feelings.
  8. Some people are inevitably missing. They are actually passers-by. Since they are already destined for fate, it is not too regrettable to lose.
  9, the same eyes, there are different views! The same ear, there is a different way of listening! The same mind, there are different ideas! People can't underestimate themselves, each has their own strengths!
  10, good looks and a lot of money, is a passport to enter the social activities of the upper class.
  11, love is a thousand models, if I love you, just your appearance.
  12, life is not like this, you hate your life, but some people are dreaming that your relationship is not a faucet, can not say off, but can be like a battery, slowly consumed, one day, will run out All thoughts.
  13. Sunrise does not necessarily mean light, the sun is nothing more than a star, only when we are awake is the real dawn. - Thoreau "Walden Lake"
  14. Wrong car, don't leave because you have invested in coins, you will only miss more stations.
  15, you can barely wear clothes that you don't like, barely make a friend you don't like, but feelings are a matter of a lifetime, you need to be comfortable.
  16. A lot of truths are suddenly understood, but it takes time before I understand. It is like sudden despair, mostly accompanied by disappointment again and again.
  17. If I wander into a thin horse, you are my old road or the water.
  18. There are not a few people who can continue to like you without any enthusiasm after being rejected. So, those who are rejected by you who are still good to you should really like you.
  19, life does not have so many assumptions, the reality is a real slap in the face, hitting your face, shouting pain is meaningless, only to go.
  20, as long as you do not let go, I will accompany you forever.