1. Those who have really worked hard will understand the importance of talent.
  2, thousands of people in the world, I am coming for you alone.
  3. Don't compare your life with others because you can't understand other people's experiences. No one can dominate your happiness, except yourself.
  4, I have seen the most beautiful you, the mouth is hanging and laughing, into my eyes.
  5. If you have a choice, choose the best; if you don't have a choice, try to do your best.
  6, always have to live to see for yourself, and the smile should be particularly splendid, don't care about other people's finger pointing, do yourself, let people who look down on you can not afford to climb, so that people who can afford you more like you.
  7. If you have no deep hatred with yourself, I suggest that you stay away from the person who makes you sad, and then stay away from those things that make you miserable, and then be a good person to be kind to yourself!
  8, the most suitable for you, do not need to run to catch up, fight to get close.
  9, I believe there will always be a person, worthy of all your waiting.
  10, knowing the world, the truth, is the greatest insight of a person.
  11, human nature is cool, and He Jie, who is more than anyone.
  12. Suddenly found that when you start to question a thing, the accuracy rate is always surprisingly high!
  13. If you want to make choices in correctness and kindness, choose goodness. - "Miracle Boy"
  14. It’s weird, we don’t bother to be with others, but we are afraid that we are different. - Paul Coelho
  15, the world is really a mess: the person who tells the truth, the humble is like a villain, and the person who tells the lie, a serious like a gentleman.
  16, stay in seven points to live, to stay three minutes of dementia to prevent death. - "Small window quiet"
  17. Now, don't be surprised, they are well, you have your castle, I have my island.
  18, willing to go through the mountains and rivers, returning your eyebrows as ever.
  19. I didn't think of you suddenly, but I always missed you.
  20. If there is anything to come to Japan, you have to get used to people to go to tea.