1. The comfortable relationship between people and people can be kept from talking or talking at any time. ——Zhang Jiajia
  2, the bees are busy for a day, people see people love; mosquitoes run around the clock, everyone shouts! How busy is not important, what is important to be busy!
  3, life is not owed, others pay for you because others like it. You pay for others because you are willing; if you are willing to do so, you will have no regrets.
  4, an important choice is better than thousands of efforts! Today's life is decided by three or five years ago, and life after three or five years is decided today.
  5. People who only love themselves will not have true love, only arrogant possession. Those who do not love themselves will not have true love, only humility.
  6, troubles every day, do not pick nature. Ups and downs of life, the journey of the heart, let the coming, let go, the peace of mind ushered in, come and go, a past.
  7. The so-called happiness is that when you are young, you can find the work you want to do in your life. After that, you only need to go all the way. - "King Zhou"
  8, the true match of the lover is actually relying on polishing, you change a little he changed a little, although everyone will lose some of their own, but can become a tacit pair.
  9. What do you say is the rarest thing in the world? It is impossible to pick up the stars by hand, and the world will never meet me again.
  10. When you reach a certain age, you must learn to be ignorant. Every sentence must be useful and have weight. The mood is not in the color, the big thing is indifferent, and has its own bottom line.
  11, many things, it is good to see it; if you don't open it, you will have to go through it.
  12. The city is always empty and crowded without you.
  13. We always think that life is not satisfactory to us. In fact, it is our hard work.
  14, the true match of the lover is actually relying on polishing.
  15. If you don't love me, be sure to tell me as early as possible. Don't let me go to the end.
  16, want to be such a person, can sleep to wake up naturally, every day, food and clothing, sleepless, sleepless.
  17, I am not nobody, I am not you.
  18, really expensive, don't love someone who doesn't return your information.
  19, unplanned life is called a puzzle, a planned life is called a blueprint; life without a target is called wandering, and a target life is called sailing!
  20, I liked a person before, and now I like someone.