1, old love + re-ignition = repeat the same mistakes + again injured = live by yourself
  2, everyone in life, the order of appearance is really important, many people will have different endings if they change their time. Perhaps, some love can only end in the lips and teeth, hidden in the years.
  3, there is no father and mother in the world, it will take a 20 years to raise a murderer. - "The distance between us and evil"
  4, adult life is so tired, whether it is life or work, or even the relationship between people, let me feel tired at the bottom of my heart.
  5, the mouth said that this person can not be separated from me, in fact, most of them are inseparable from each other.
  6, love like the wind is like you, put you into my heart.
  7, love, also three realm ears. The juvenile is curious, the young man is in the aesthetic, and the middle age turns to seek knowledge. The old is coming, and there is no turning back. - Mu Xin's "Improvement Judgment"
  8, the future is not afraid, the past does not have to cry.
  9. The rain in the south, like the heart of your melting, I will belong to you from then on.
  10. Self-deprecation is the highest state, not ridicule others.
  11, you are like a bowl of porridge, not thick enough, but enough to warm my heart.
  12. Don't marry your praise and language of love.
  13, not because I am attached, but because you are worth it.
  14, I am okay, not bad, not surprised, everything is just OK.
  15, do not think that girls' so-called weight loss is just talking about it, they will really send to Weibo and friends circle.
  16. The old mountain is also green. --"Rome"
  17. When you meet you in a decadent time, you will feel that life has faith.
  18, the theme of recent life is: Come on, hold on!
  19. As long as you give up once, you will breed the habit of giving up, and the problems that could be solved will not be solved. - Higashino Keigo
  20, impossible things, don't think; impossible people, don't wait.