1. If you can find someone you can talk to, you will not share music in the circle of friends.
  2, carrying you as if carrying the sun, no matter where it is sunny.
  3. If you can't choose what you want, then at least choose a good mood in an environment that you can't choose.
  4, I will put a small holiday soon, buy a globe, the world is so big, you can not only look at it but also turn around.
  5, no longer waiting for you, and did not like others.
  6. What does it feel like to let go? You are afraid of black, but he is a light!
  7. I have been through the past few decades, I have been a heavenly fairy, and I have been sent by thousands of people, thinking that all the sweet and bitter tastes have been tasted. Only when you look back, you know that this is the world.
  8. Don't mention him, you are still a laughing person.
  9. The most desirable state at the moment is: no longer grievous, and the rest of the life from the head to the feet.
  10. Every corner you pass can't come again. Every mistake you make can ruin your career. - "Flying Life"
  11. Most people will only stand in their own position and peek at your jokes. What you can do is: hide the secret and then become more and more powerful step by step.
  12. This world has never had such a thing as fairness. - August Chang'an "Hello, Old Time"
  13. Speak well, express and cherish the people in front of you.
  14. It took 8 seconds to delete your contact information. It took 8 minutes to delete all the chat records. It took 8 hours to throw away all the things related to you. It took 8 days to calm down.
  15. Adjust your own mentality. When life is frustrated, you will feel the bitterness of your life . When you are in life , listen to the brilliant music of life . Many people’s failures and pains are not going to go out, but they can’t come back.
  16. May you live in the present, even if you are stuck in the mud, you can live the innocence and pride of your life.
  17. Don't think that every apology of yours can be exchanged for everything. Yesterday, an apology is just your relief, not my forgiveness.
  18, do not chat with a person every day, for a long time, will become like.
  19, please, maintain yourself every day, put on your favorite clothes, do not envy who, do not rely on who, quietly work hard, live what you want.
  20, the old can not be chased, the first sight can not be recovered.