1. If he really likes you, you will feel it every day, and you won't feel like you have it.
  2, I have two cute things you know, one is my cute, the other is that I am cute.
  3. People who are too emotional, the days will not be better. Others have started again, and you are still missing the past and ruining yourself.
  4. Use the best of yourself to treat your loved ones, rather than use the worst of yourself to test whether the other person loves you.
  5, "I have drunk a very strong wine, but also let go of the hand that should not be put, I will not look back in the past, will not be in the future." - The bonfire drama prince "Snow in the Snow"
  6. Be yourself, because everyone else has done it.
  7, the moon is very bright, the clouds are also very gentle, all the thoughts of you fall into the warm breath.
  8. Write down what you want to do tomorrow, cherish every minute of the moment, live today, and look forward to tomorrow.
  9. May you have good luck. If not, may you learn compassion in misfortune. May you be loved by many people. If not, may you learn tolerance in loneliness. As a girl, I also hope that you have a dream . Your youth and life are not only defined by love and marriage.
  10, everything is a spirit, the grass also has a heart.
  11. When I was young, I wrote songs for girls and made poems. I didn’t know what to do, and I went deep. But the youthful feelings of this young age are often replaced by the end of the disease, perhaps it is our most true and most regrettable youth!
  12. The more you are afraid, the more people will bully you; nothing will be afraid, but no one will dare to bully you. You are too good, others will come to take advantage of you. You are halfway, but come to please you.
  13, if the work is very busy, you can not back at any time, do not have to force a smile, do not pretend to mature, torment each other.
  14, thought that holding hands, will go all the way together, did not expect to go away in the middle of the road, thinking that with the heart can be a lifetime, but also in the middle of the split, no matter how much you love in this world, one thing is tired It will naturally let go.
  15, who prior to please themselves, but to others in friendship points, see mood, life would be cool.
  16. If you meet someone, feel that he is doing anything cute; feel that you can do anything in front of him. Congratulations, love is right.
  17. It’s not a big fight, it’s just love , it’s not just plain water, it’s really happiness. If two people are together, they should be tolerant and trust. Let’s go through decades together, and the other’s every move can still stir up in your heart. It is love.
  18, we just use our own high cold to block people and things in the cold world, in order to reach their own balance. High cold is false, and harmony is true. This is the case with no waves on the face.
  19. Do you know where your problem is? You can't refuse others because you want everyone to like you.
  20, the world is more than the South and the North, and the less is the same way.