1. The world can be easily and effortlessly done. Only poverty and aging, others need to work hard.
  2, your temperament is more important than age, smile is more important than appearance, happiness is more important than everything else.
  3. Sometimes I think that it is a beautiful word. Waiting hard, but never let down.
  4, sometimes not deliberately careful to love the angry, that is, the grievances come up and the pressure can not be suppressed. Suddenly I found that I have lost so many people around me. It turns out that some people, unconsciously, have faded their relationship.
  5, the car and the same as a man , sometimes to stop, sometimes to rush. - "Speed ​​Legend"
  6, always feel that everything is "not in a hurry", and finally become "not too late."
  7, the ability is not big, the temper is not too big, otherwise you will be very troublesome. The ability is not great, the desire is not too big, otherwise you will be very painful. Doing your own business, taking your own path and living in the eyes of others is the saddest thing in the world.
  8, the road with you, I hope that the distance from Good Morning to Goodnight.
  9. Don't try to tell young people about the experience. It's not as good as a 10,000 sentence. Tears teach him to be a man, regret to help him grow, pain is the best teacher. In fact, the detour of life, one meter is indispensable.
  10, the ability between people is not very different, the real distinction between people is his vision and effort.
  11, eat well, sleep well, the garbage in your heart falls down regularly.
  12, be a laity, sway for a lifetime, clean and free.
  13. If he cares about you, he will be more afraid than you.
  14. I hope that you can understand that your life is too long, and that people who are wrong are more terrible than loneliness.
  15, we have to go to the end, to be with each other, to work together for life, I am with you in this mood, just to the year of the flower, still have a sentence, I love you.
  16, every day is in the heart and lack of sleep, the heart is more than enough, the IQ is insufficient, the heart is more than enough, the balance is insufficient.
  17. The pessimist said that half a cup of water is half empty, and the optimist said that half a cup of water is half full. I enjoy the half full life now. - Zhang Ailing's "Little Reunion"
  18. If one day you find that I don't care so much, it's not understanding, it is giving up. It’s time to play, but how serious it is. The youth that should have been indulged, but how can it only be resigned.
  19. I admire those who can be forbearing. I hide my own suffering so deeply. I only share happiness with others. In fact, my inner sadness has already been flooded, but it seems that if nothing happens, the years are good. In fact, I am the kind of person.
  20, the smile of your mouth is a rare cold in the cold winter.