1. When you reconcile with yourself, the right person will naturally appear. You can't get along with yourself, there is no right person in the world.

  2, like your eyes, there is my face inside.

  3, 哄 girls happy as long as eight words is enough, beauty, line, buy, not fat, my fault.

  4, you will always meet a person, just right for you, do not deliberately move can be arbitrarily spoiled, love and tacit, you have to wait.

  5, how can you not regret, you have not seen him on one knee to ask for marriage, how to cook for you, for you and your children to earn money to support the family, old and still love you!

  6. If you want to define a good life, it is cozy. If you want to give a definition, it is a confidant, talk and laugh. - Liu Yu "Give you a bullet"

  7, the journey of life is like this, with a lot of time confused, growing in a few moments. —— Ricks

  8, sweat on the eyebrows, tears under the eyebrows, you have to choose the same.

  9, secret love has become a habit, humble has been rooted in the bones, scraping bones and drugs can not be cleaned. ——August Changan’s Secret Love

  10, too concerned about some people, too much care about some things, it is better to let it go, with the best attitude.

  11, the temper is not so big, no one is willing to get used to you.

  12, the moon meets the cloud, the flowers meet the wind, the night sky is beautiful this evening, I miss you again. - Tai Zaizhi

  13. As long as you are still laughing, the world is not too bad.

  14. Regardless of the feelings of others, it is selfish, and it is self-abuse to care for others.

  15. When the brain is smashed, it is useless to have eyes.

  16, the spring flowers, this is particularly hurt, this autumn is cold, winter is very panic, this time, just as I miss you.

  17. If there is no need to eat at night, why is there a light in the refrigerator?

  18, I am not a natural king, but there is blood in my bones that does not let me bow.

  19. Time is the best judge. It is a success or failure. We will see you in the future.

  20, may I be like a star, like a moon, night and night, bright and clean.