1. Cherish your body, exercise more, go to bed early and get up early, keep learning , keep on traveling, even if your legs and feet are not on the road, let your heart be on the road.

  2, turned over the mountains, is facing the river. Passing the snowfield, coincides with the flowering period. This is probably the meaning of walking. - Hui girl "This world secretly loves you"

  3, I am afraid that you know, I am afraid that you do not know, afraid that you know, but pretend not to know.

  4, you can choose how to treat others, but you can never expect others to be so right to you.

  5, someone loves, it is as if someone is supporting, what will be enough.

  6. I am glad to meet you, but I can only meet them.

  7. Life needs beauty, needs surprises, and needs you more.

  8. The four seasons in my mood are broadcast by your title.

  9, once owned, don't forget. We can not get more to cherish. Their own, do not give up. Has been lost, reserved for memories.

  10. The cheapest things in reality, the gentleness of nothing, the gentleman of the poor, and the true heart of poverty.

  11, Jianchao to see Limen rain, love is you, the scenery is also you.

  12, both ears do not smell the window, because I only want to hear about you.

  13. What you have identified must be persistent and courageous.

  14. I thought that I was alive to meet the other half of the soul, but later I discovered that I didn’t even have a soul.

  15. Fatalism is an excuse for those who lack the willpower. -Roman Roland

  16, a few words summed up my current state: fat concentration, peace of mind and peace.

  17. This person, as long as he is born, has the responsibility to stick to life. - "My First Class Brothers"

  18, life is not only in front of the eyes, but also room, meals, utilities.

  19. Later, I learned that good friends did not strive to win, but met when they ran on their own roads.

  20, the years are long, the mountains and rivers are innocent, love you as old, read you like yesterday.

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