Annual moving article: "Leek", seeing countless people crying
  Mother called and asked where he is now.
  He said softly, "At the hospital."
  Niang said: "I know, listen to your father." Niang then choked and said, "Oh, how can you do that? How can you donate bone ... pith?"
  Obviously, the mother didn't understand what bone marrow was, and when she said that, she paused for a moment.
  He busy said, "Mother, nothing."
  Mother said: "If you don't listen to mother, mother will die."
  He was anxious and told his mother that he was not donating bone marrow. His father heard it wrong. He wanted to find someone to donate bone marrow to himself. He was sick.
  My mother was more anxious when she heard, and asked about the hospital where he was, and Dad had a taxi the same day, hurried to see him at the hospital. He was sitting on the bed, and the nurse was measuring his blood pressure. The mother was shocked at first sight and asked, "My son, what's the matter with you?"
  "Leukemia," he said.
  Mother did not understand what is leukemia, looking at him.
  He told his mother that it was difficult to treat leukemia. Seeing the mother's body trembling, he said quickly, but those who have successfully matched the bone marrow are willing to donate bone marrow, and they will be saved.
  The mother busy said, "Well worth it.
  He sighed and said, "How can it be so easy? Only one pair of more than 20,000 people succeeded in matching."
  Mother sat there with her eyes straight.
  He was shaking his hands, but he was lucky to match a girl.
  Mother's eyes lit up: "Really?"
  He lowered his head again and told his mother that the other party was unwilling to donate bone marrow. With a pale face, for a long time, the mother nodded and said, "Yes, what's on your body is not the same as your eyes and nose. How can there be excess! The excess will not grow, who would like to donate?"
  Dad muttered beside him: "I heard that donating bone marrow is all right!"
  He shook his head in frustration and told them that the girl just didn't want to donate.
  Mother asked tentatively, "Is it all right?"
  "Maybe so," he said. "But I have to ask the doctor."
  As he was talking, a doctor hurried past, and the mother was holding it like a life-saving straw. She asked pitifully, "Doctor, does the donation of bone marrow harm the donor?" The doctor watched her shake Shake his head.
  Seeing that she didn't understand something, the doctor said, for example, "Bone marrow is like leeks, and donations will grow again." In the countryside, there are many leeks, and they will grow faster and fatter after cutting.
  Mother knows, the gray color on the mother's face is gone. The mother thought about it, still holding the doctor's hand, she had a request, hoping that the doctor could help herself to talk to the girl .
  The doctor smiled and nodded in agreement.
  The four went to another ward and saw the girl.
  The mother walked over and grabbed the girl's hand and said, "Oh, Ma'am, please."
  Mother pointed at him and said, "I'm just here. Please help him."
  Seeing the girl not talking, the mother suddenly thought of something, pointing at the doctor and saying, "The doctor said, there is no harm to you. If there is any damage, this request will not be able to say."
  The girl shed two tears on her snow-white face, looking at her, still speaking.
  The mother was anxious, and said, "Oh, Ma'am, kneel down."
  Mother said, ready to kneel. The girl was busy holding it, and said with tears: "Dasao, I am the patient, this big brother is a donor." Then, the girl pointed at him and said to his mother, "Please, Dasao, save me. "
  Mother stood there and froze.
  However, the mother immediately understood what was going on.
  The mother took the girl's hand and looked at the girl's bloodless face. For a long time, her eyes became red. She said to him, "Go, mother won't stop you."
  Mother said, "Come out, mother boil your eggs to help you replenish your body."
  He hesitated, looked at the doctor and the girl with a smile, and hurried to the operating room. He knew that his method was successful. The kind mother, once she knew how to donate bone marrow, would not stop him.
  He was right.
  Six hours later, he donated bone marrow and walked out.
  Father and mother greeted him and looked at him carefully. When he saw that he was okay, Dad smiled and said proudly: "Boy, you promised Dad, I advise your mother to come, and you have to have a few drinks with your father when you go back."
  He smiled, his finger flicked, and he clicked.
  The mother knows that she was cheated and the son and the old man discussed it.
  She glanced back at her wife and said, "What's going on? A few glasses of wine made my son buy."
  After that, he patted his son's hand with a smile, proudly saying, "My son donated bone marrow, saved a life, saved a family, and the mother was deceived once, worth it!"
  He looked at his father and mother and smiled.