Little boy buying god
  One day at the beginning of the 20th century, Christmas was coming. In a small town in the western United States, a little boy about ten years old held a dollar coin and asked at a shop along the street: "Excuse me, do you have God here The shop owner either said no or thought he was messing up and kicked him out.
  When it was getting dark, the little boy stubbornly opened his mouth to the owner of the 69th store: "Excuse me, do you sell God here?"
  The boss is an over 60-year-old, silver-haired, kind-hearted old man. He smiled and asked the little boy, "Tell me, boy, why do you buy God?"
  Someone responded that the little boy burst into tears with excitement and told the boss that his parents had died very early, and now his uncle supported him. My uncle worked at a construction site and he fell off a scaffold not long ago. He is still unconscious. The doctor said that only God can save him. The little boy thought, God must be a very wonderful thing.
  "I bought God and let my uncle eat it, and the injury would be fine."
  After listening to the little boy ’s narration, the boss ’eyes were wet, and asked,“ How much money do you have? ”
  "Child, right now God's price is exactly one dollar."
  The boss took the coin from the little boy, took a bottle of "God's Kiss" brand drink from the shelf, and said to the little boy, "Take it, boy, your uncle drink this bottle of" God "and it will be all right. "
  The little boy was overjoyed, held the drink tightly in his arms, and hurried to the hospital. As soon as he entered the ward, he shouted happily: "Uncle, I bought God, and you will be well soon!"
  The next day, a medical team composed of the world's top medical experts came to this small city by special plane, went to the hospital where the little boy's uncle was, and conducted a joint consultation with the little boy's uncle. Soon, the little boy's uncle was rescued.
  But when the little boy's uncle was discharged, he almost fainted when he saw the sky-high medical bill. However, the hospital quickly dispelled his suspicions, saying that an old man named Bondi had paid him off, and the medical team had also found a lot of money.
  Later, my uncle learned that Bondi was a billionaire and that grocery store was the birthplace of Bondi. He often came here to pass the time when he was fine.
  The little boy's uncle was so excited that he went to the grocery store to thank him immediately. The clerk told the uncle and the nephew that the boss had already traveled, so that they didn't have to worry about it, and gave a letter from Bondi to the little boy's uncle.
  The uncle of the little boy opened a letter: "Young man, you don't need to thank me. Everything, your nephew has paid for it. All I want to say is that you are so lucky to have this nephew. To save you, he bought God everywhere for 1 dollar ... Thank God, he saved your life . But you must always remember that the true God is the love of people! "
  The story doesn't end here. Later, when the little boy who bought God everywhere grew up, he was admitted to medical school. In order to thank the billionaire Bondi who saved his uncle and to help more people who were accidentally injured, he invented a band-aid and used Bondi named it so that everyone can remember his story and pass on love.
  Therefore, we must believe that there is a miracle in this world, and the most important factor that promotes miracles is sincere love! With sincere love on earth, difficulties will bow, miracles will occur, and the devil will escape.