Chi Zijian: Under the Traffic Light
  In cities, when you get to the cross street, you often meet traffic lights.
  Funny to say, when I first came to the city, I was most afraid of crossing the street. During my studies in Xi'an and Beijing, as long as there are overpasses and underground passages, I will never walk across the street. I do n’t trust the traffic lights, they flash like two ghost eyes, they change too fast, often when the green light is on, I start, but I get a bunch of cars coming sideways, they occupy half the road , Blocking you. After they pass, you move forward again, the atrium of the green light vibrates, and the red light lights up. You are separated in the middle of the road, and there is a steady stream of vehicles in front and behind you. At this moment, I always think of Chaplin's "Modern Times", the worker stuck in the machine, feels that he is a poor worm in the industrial era.
  I like to return to my hometown. One of the reasons is that on the country roads, I will not be affected by traffic lights. Something that can block my footsteps is sometimes a group of sheep returning home in the dusk, sometimes a few ducks going through the dam at noon to play in the river.
  It is said that in traffic accidents, a large proportion of pedestrians died under traffic lights. Breaking the red light is the culprit. Sometimes a car runs through a red light and a pedestrian, and sometimes a pedestrian runs through a red light and walks on Huangquan. Such a pedestrian is undoubtedly crossing the street with a spiritual card issued by Lord Yan. No matter which side the responsibility is, the unlucky person is always the person. Therefore, on the way of parents sending their children to school, they always have to hold their children's hands when they cross the street, such as near the tiger's mouth. In early childhood education, learning to pass the street crossing under traffic lights has also become a required course. When you walk under the traffic lights, people's hearts will become tense. If you look at the six roads and listen to the sounds in all directions, a little carelessness will cause disaster. In my eyes, Cross Street is like a cross in the earth. It governs human life and death.
  After living in Harbin, I got used to walking traffic lights. In the past few years, whenever I crossed the street, I saw the green light flashing, and I ran all the way, every second counted, and rushed to the other side of the street when the red light sounded the alarm. Due to my youth and strength, I rarely lose with the green light. When the pedestrians at the street rushed through the red light, I followed, and swaggered across the city. The car whistled past us like a flying arrow, but everyone had no fear of them, and I felt at ease.
  In the spring of 2002, when my lover left Harbin, he took me to a flower shop to buy flowers. We arrived at the wholesale flower market on Haicheng Street. I picked a bunch of red carnations and a few yellow roses. When I held the rose in my hand, my lover said, don't buy yellow all the time, change it to a bright color. So I picked two beautiful pink roses. He was holding a carnation, and I took the rose and walked home. Passing the crossroad under the Red Army Street Bridge, I just caught the green light and blinked. I said to wait for the next green light. The lover said, you can follow me, you can grab it! He was tall and stride, and soon ran across the street. As for me, as soon as the red light turned on, my legs softened and pulled back. In this way, I stood on the other side of the street, and he stood across from us. There was a galloping car connected to us. The vehicle was like a sea of ​​oceans that separated us. Three days later, her lover had a car accident on the road between the mountains back to her hometown. There was no traffic light on the road to his hometown, but in order to get back to work earlier, he was in a hurry to rush, and still had an accident. In his heart, it seemed to be a trembling green light. He is a crazy traveler, and only knows that he hurries forward, hurries, hurries. This "rush" and this enthusiastic "running life" make us one on this shore and the other on the other shore, always separated by thousands of rivers and mountains. He is like a shooting star, thinking that the glory of his life is still very long, but he doesn't know that when he speeds across the sky, it is eternal silence to meet him.
  After my lover left, there were no people around me, but the road still had to go. I once burned paper money for him on the cross street, and said that it was where the souls gathered. As I passed the intersection, I felt countless souls singing quietly. Seeing that the green light is about to change from a distance, I will slow down and wait quietly by the side of the road; when people flock to the red light, I will stay still and wait calmly. Passers-by hurriedly and flustered under the traffic lights are so pathetic and ridiculous in my eyes.
  I think life can be taken half a time, and then half a time. The clock of life cannot be set forward blindly, but you must be used to being late for life. People are weak and tired, they need to rest; when they are happy, they laugh. When depressed, why bother to hide yourself and shout at the mountains and rivers. We can drink with friends and get drunk; we can also show face to face to those who are evil. We can stay a little longer under the moonlit night, or we can stay for a few more days during the journey due to the beautiful scenery. Follow the conditions, follow the conditions. Dancing with the wind and singing with the rain!
  Yes, we have to light ourselves a few more red lights to pause and groan. This red light is the constant flame in our lives! Only in this way, the weak life will become the strong life, and the dim life will become the glorious life! When the hour hand of life relaxes and moves slowly, our days will rise with the rise and fall of the moon, and we will emit crisp footsteps like flowing water.