Tagore : The place of exile
  Mom, the light in the sky is gray; I don't know when it is.
  I have no fun playing, so I am here. This is Saturday, it is our rest day.
  Let go of your work, mother; sitting on the side of the window, telling me where the Tepanta Desert in the fairy tale is?
  The shadow of the rain covered the entire day.
  The fierce electric light caught the sky with its claws.
  When the dark clouds are banging and the sky is thundering, I always fall into your body with fear.
  When the heavy rain poured on the bamboo leaves for several hours, and our windows screamed for the wind, I loved sitting alone with you in the house, mother, listening to the story of the Tepanta desert in the fairy tale. .
  Where is it, mother, on which shore of the ocean, at which foot of the mountain, in which king's land?
  There is no boundary stone in this field on the field, and there are no villagers who walk home at dusk, or women who pick up dead branches in the woods and carry them to the market. There is only a small piece of yellow grass on the sand, only one tree, that is, a pair of clever old birds who are nesting there, that place is the Te Panta desert.
  I can imagine that on such a cloudless day, the king’s young son, riding a gray horse alone, walked through the desert to find the giant palace that was imprisoned outside the unknown ocean. Princess in the room.
  When the rain and fog fall in the distant sky, the electric light flashes like a sudden burst of pain, he can remember his unfortunate mother, abandoned for the king, is sweeping the cowshed, tears in his eyes, when he When riding a horse through the Tepanta Desert in a fairy tale?
  Look, Mom, the day is not over, the sky is almost black, there are no passengers on the way to the village.
  The shepherd boy had already gone home from the animal husbandry. People have come back from the fields and sit on the grass mats under their grass houses, looking at the gloomy clouds.
  Mom, I put all my books on the bookshelf - don't ask me to do my homework now.
  When I grow up and be as big as my father, I will learn what I have to learn.
  But today, you have to tell me, mother, where is the Tepanta Desert in the fairy tale?