Tagore : Rainy days
  The dark clouds quickly gathered on the dark edge of the forest.
  Child, don't go out!
  A row of palm trees by the lake hit the head in the dark sky; the feathered crows quietly perched on the branches of the tamarind, and the east bank of the river was being attacked by the dark twilight.
  Our cattle are on the fence and scream.
  Child, wait here, wait for me to bring the cow into the cowshed.
  Many people are squeezing in the overflowing fields of the pool, catching the fish that escaped from the overflowing pool. The rain has become a small river, flowing through the narrow streets, like a laughing child running away from his mother, deliberately annoying She is the same.
  Listen, someone shouted a boatman on the shoal.
  The child, the sky color is dark, the ferry boat of the ferry has stopped.
  The sky seemed to be running fast on the torrential rain; the water in the river was screaming and violent; the women had already taken the water tank full of water and hurried home from the banks of the Ganges.
  The lights used in the night must be prepared.
  Children, don't go out!
  The road to the market has no one to go, and the road to the river is very slippery. The wind roared in the bamboo forest, struggling, like a beast that fell in the net.