Tagore : Paper boat
  I put paper boats one by one in the stream of rapids every day.
  I wrote my name in big black and the name of the village I live in on a paper boat.
  I hope that people who live in different places will get this paper boat and know who I am.
  I carried the long-lived Xiuli in the garden on my boat, hoping that these dawn-opening flowers could be safely brought to the shore at night.
  I cast my paper boat into the water, looked up at the sky, and saw the small cloud of the white sails full of drums.
  I don't know what is in the sky. What kind of playmates of mine put these boats down and compete with my ship! The night came, my face was buried in my arm, and I dreamed that my paper boat would slowly float under the stars of the night.
  Sleeping fairy sat in the boat with a basket full of dreams.