Tagore : School of Flowers
  When Thundercloud rang in the sky and the showers in June fell,
  The wetting Dongfeng walked through the wilderness and blew the whistle in the bamboo forest.
  Then a group of flowers suddenly ran out of the unknown place, dancing in the carnival on the green grass.
  Mom, I really think that the flowers are going to school in the underground school.
  They closed their doors to do their homework. If they wanted to play before the school, their teachers would punish them for standing in the corner.
  When the rain came, they were on holiday.
  The branches touched each other in the forest, the green leaves screamed in the squally wind, and Lei Yun patted the big hands, and the children wore purple, yellow, and white clothes at that time. Rushed out.
  You know, mother, their home is in the sky, where the stars live.
  You didn't see how eager they were to get there? You don't know why they are so rushed?
  I can naturally guess who they are raising their arms to: they also have their mother, just like I have my own mother.