Tagore : Merchant
  Mom, let us imagine that you stay at home, I travel to a foreign country.
  Imagine that my ship is already full of waiting on the dock.
  Now, Mom, good life, think about it and tell me what I want to bring to you when I return.
  Mom, do you want a bunch of gold?
  On both sides of the Jinhe River, the fields are full of golden rice.
  On the road of the tree, the golden flowers fell on the ground.
  I will pack them all for you and put them in hundreds of baskets.
  Mom, do you want a big pearl in the autumn rain?
  I have to cross the sea to the shore of Pearl Island.
  In that place, in the dawn of the morning, the beads trembled on the wildflowers of the grass, the beads fell on the green grass, and the beads were scattered on the beach by a large number of wild waves.
  My brother, I want to send him a pair of winged horses that will fly in the clouds.
  Dad, I want to bring him a magical pen. He still doesn't think that the pen has written the word.
  You, mother, I must give you the jewelry box and jewelry worth seven kingdoms.