Tagore : Seniors
  Mom, your child is stupid! She is ridiculously ignorant!
  She does not know the difference between street lights and stars.
  When we played the game of making pebbles as food, she thought that they really ate something and wanted to put it in her mouth.
  When I opened a book and placed it in front of her, when she read a, b, c, she tore the book with her hand and shouted unreasonably, your child did his homework.
  When I shook her head angrily, yelling at her and saying that she was naughty, she laughed and thought it was fun.
  Everyone knows that Dad is not at home, but if I yell "Dad" in the game, she will be happy to look around and think that Dad is really close by.
  When I brought the nephew who brought the clothes back to the laundry as a student, and warned her that I was a teacher, she called my brother for no reason.
  Your child is going to catch the moon.
  She is so ridiculous; she called Gnish 1 as Qi Nu Xu.
  Mom, your child is stupid, she is ridiculously ignorant!