Tagore : Little Adult
  I am very small, because I am a child, and when I am as old as my father, I have to grow bigger.
  If my husband said, "It’s late, take your slate, your book."
  I have to tell him: "You don't know if I am as big as my father?"
  I will never learn any lesson. ”
  My teacher will be surprised to say: "He can read books without reading, because he is an adult."
  I put myself in clothes and went to the crowded market.
  If my uncle ran over and said: "You have to get lost, my child, let me lead you."
  I have to answer: "You didn't see it, my uncle, I am already as big as my father? I decided to go alone to the market."
  Uncle will say: "Yes, he can go anywhere, because he is an adult."
  When I was giving money to my babysitter, my mother would have to come out of the bathroom because I knew how to use my key to open the silver box.
  If the mother said, "What are you doing, naughty children?"
  I have to tell her: "Mom, don't you know that I am as big as my father? I have to give money to the babysitter."
  Mother will talk to herself: "He can give money to someone he likes because he is an adult."
  When the holiday in October, Dad will go home, he will think that I am still a child, for me to bring small shoes and small silk shirt from the city.
  I have to say: "Dad, give these things to your brother, because I am already as big as you."
  Dad will think about it and say; "He can just buy his own clothes because he is an adult."