Tagore : Writer
  You said that Dad wrote a lot of books, but I don't know what he wrote.
  He is reading to you all over the evening, but do you really understand what he means?
  Mom, the story you told us is really nice! I am very surprised, why can't Dad write such a book?
  Has he never heard the story of giants and gods and princesses from his own mother?
  Still completely forgotten?
  He often misses bathing, and you have to go and call him more than a hundred times.
  You always have to wait, warm his dishes and wait for him, but he forgot, even though he wrote it down.
  Dad always uses books as a game.
  If I go into the dad's room to play, you have to come and call: "It's a naughty child!"
  If I make a little noise, you have to say, "Did you not see your father working?"
  Always write and write, what fun?
  When I picked up my dad's pen or pencil and wrote exactly the same in his book, a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, - why did you get angry with me then? What, mom?
  When Dad wrote, you never said a word.
  When my father spent a lot of paper at the end, Mom, you don’t seem to care.
  However, if I only take a piece of paper to make a boat, you have to say: "Child, you hate it!"
  You painted my black dots on both sides of the paper, and stained a lot of paper. What do you think?