Tagore : bad postman
  Why are you sitting on the floor over there and telling me, dear mother?
  The rain came in from the open window, and it was all wet, but you didn't care.
  Have you heard that the clock has been played four times? It is time for my brother to go home from school.
  What happened in the end, is your look so wrong?
  Didn't you receive your father's letter today?
  I saw the postman carrying a lot of letters in his bag, and almost everyone in the town was sent.
  Only Dad’s letter, he left it for himself to see. I am sure that this postman is a bad person.
  But don't be unhappy, dear mother.
  Tomorrow is the day of the neighboring village market. You ask the maid to buy some pen and paper.
  I will write all the letters my father wrote; you can't find a mistake.
  I have to write from the A word to the K word.
  But, mom, why are you laughing?
  You don't believe that I can write as good as my father!
  But I will use my heart to draw a picture  and write all the letters big and beautiful.
  When I wrote it, did you think that I was as stupid as my father, and put it into the bag of the terrible postman?
  I will send it to you right away, and a letter, a letter to help you read.
  I know that the postman is not willing to give you a really good letter.