Tagore : Hero
  Mom, let us imagine that we are traveling, passing through a strange and dangerous land.
  You are sitting in a sedan chair, I am riding a red horse and running beside you.
  It was the evening when the sun had set. The wasteland of Jerashhi was tired and gray and unfolding before us, and the earth was desolate and ridiculous.
  You are scared, think - "I don't know where we are."
  I said to you: "Mom, don't be afraid."
  The grass is punctured with needle-like grass, and a narrow and rugged path passes through the grass.
  No cows can be seen on this vast ground; they have returned to the cowshed in their village.
  The sky is dark, the earth and the sky are awkward, and we can't say where we are heading.
  Suddenly, you called me and asked me quietly: "What kind of fire is near the river bank?"
  At that time, a terrible shout broke out, and many people ran to us.
  You are sitting in your sedan chair, and you are repeatedly praying for the name of God.
  The bearers, afraid of shaking, hid in the bush.
  I shouted to you: "Don't be afraid, Mom, I am here."
  They are holding long sticks in their hands, their hair is scattered, and they are getting closer and closer.
  I shouted: "Be careful! You guys! Going forward, you have to die."
  They made another horrible shout and rushed forward.
  You grabbed my hand and said, "Good boy, look at the sky and avoid them."
  I said, "Mom, you are jealous of me."
  So I stabbed my horse and rushed over, my sword and shield screaming at each other.
  This battle is so intense, Mom, if you can see it from the sedan chair, you will definitely have a cold war.
  Many of them have escaped, and many others have been slashed.
  I know that you were sitting there alone, thinking that your child must have died at this time.
  But I ran to your front, splashed with blood, and said, "Mom, the war is over now."
  You walked out of the sedan chair, kissed me, and put me in your heart, you said to yourself:
  "If I don't have my child escorting me, I just don't know what to do."
  A thousand boring things happen every day, why can't such a thing happen by chance?
  It's like a story in a book.
  My brother has to say: "Is this possible? I always think, he is so weak!"
  People in our village must be surprised to say: "Is this child with his mother, isn't that lucky?"