Tagore : Summon
  When she left, it was dark at night and they all slept.
  Now, the night is also black and lacquered. I called her: "Come back, my baby; the world is sleeping, when the stars stare at each other, no one will know when you come."
  When she left, the trees were sprouting and the spring was just coming.
  Now that the flowers are in full bloom, I am calling: "Come back, my baby. The children are casually playing in the game, gathering the flowers together and spreading them apart. If you come, take a small flower and no one will notice. of."
  Those who are often in the game are still still playing there, and life is always wasted.
  I listened to them  and talked: "Come back, my baby, my mother's heart is full of love, if you come, just pick a little kiss from her, no one Will be jealous."