Tagore : Giveaways
  I want to send something to you, my child, because we are both drifting in the streams of the world.
  Our lives will be separated and our love will be forgotten.
  But I am not so stupid, I hope to use my gifts to buy your heart.
  Your life is green, and your path is long. You drink the love that we bring to you in one breath, then we leave and leave us.
  You have your game and have  your playmate . If you don't have time to be with us, if you can't think of us, what harm is there?
  We, naturally, in old age, there will be a lot of leisure time to calculate the past days, caressing what we have lost in our hands.
  The river sang songs and quickly ran through all the dikes. But the mountain is left there, remembering, full of sympathy.