Tagore : Child Angel
  They fight, they doubt disappointment, they debate and there is no result.
  My children, let your life go among them, such as the calm and pure light of the front line, making them happy and silent.
  Their greed and jealousy are cruel; their words are like hidden knives, eager to drink blood.
  My children, go, stand in their resentful hearts, and put your kind eyes on them, as if the evening was wide and flooded with a lot of peace, covering the harassment of the day.
  My children, let them  look at your face, so you can know the meaning of everything; let them love you, so they can fall in love.
  Come, sit on the innocent chest, my child. When the sun comes out, open and lift your heart like a blooming flower; when the setting sun falls, lower your head and silently finish the day's service.