Tagore : The last sale
  In the morning, when I was walking on the stone pavement, I cried: "Who will hire me?"
  The emperor sat in the carriage and walked with a sword in his hand.
  He took my hand and said, "I want to use power to hire you."
  But his power is nothing, he left in a carriage.
  When the lunch is hot, the doors of every household are closed.
  I walked along the winding alley.
  An old man came out with a bag of money.
  He thought for a moment and said, "I want to use money to hire you."
  He counted his money one by one, but I turned and left.
  At dusk, the garden fence is full of flowers.
  The beauty came out and said, "I want to hire you with a smile."
  Her smile dimmed and turned into tears. She went back alone into the darkness.
  The sun shines on the sand, and Haibo is willing to spray.
  A child is sitting there playing with shells.
  He looked up as if he knew me and said, "I don't need anything to hire you."
  Since then, the sale in this kid's game has made me a free person.