Tagore : Huang Wei
  I wondered what happened to this Huang Wei, otherwise why did it live in isolation? The first time I saw it, it was under the kapok tree in the garden, and its legs seemed a bit awkward.
  Every morning, I saw it alone, catching insects on the hedges; sometimes entering my porch, staggering and swaying, not afraid of me at all.
  Why did it fall into such a situation? Is it the social law of birds that forces it to wander around? Is the unfair arbitration of the bird family causing resentment?
  Not far away, several snoring scorpions jumped on the blades of grass and flew between the branches of the Hiris, but turned a blind eye to the scorpion.
  I suspect that there may be a breakdown in one of its life. Dressed in Zhaohui, it is a single food foraging, and the look is leisurely. Throughout the morning, it jumped on the leaves of the wind, and it seemed to have no complaints about anyone, and there was no clearing in the manners, and the eyes did not take fire.
  In the evening, I never saw it . When the unaccompanied dusk star passes through the tree gap, disturbing the sleep overlooking the earth, lingering in the dark grass, the bamboo leaves whisper in the wind, it may have inhabited the nest in the tree.