Tagore : glamorous
  Like a diamond inlaid in a platinum ring, a ray of sunlight traverses the wilderness through the sky-filled gap. The wind is still blowing. The papaya tree is still undecided. On the north side of the domain, the bitter tree shows a style of resistance. The palm tree tip whispered.
  The time is about one and a half minutes, the gleaming forest of the wet forest, leaping into the window of the north wall of the south wall, smearing a colorful and blurred color in my heart.
  Brake time, I don't know why, I think that day is a long day. I didn’t take any responsibility that day and there was no urgent need to do it. It was a day that smashed the modern chain and floated.
  I saw it as a mirage in the past. What was the situation in the past? where? Which period does it belong to? Is it beyond eternal?
  At that time, my lover seemed to know him in his life. At that time, there was a paradise, a real era, and no other era can feel it.
  In the same way, I drank the scent of the embers of the emerald-like  and the golden sun-like sun, and enjoyed the enchanting rainy days of waving fog on the fields. I also felt like nothing. - The ancient Bengal tunes that are low back on the strings of the sky, looming from behind the curtains of all time.