Tagore : Aswan on the first day of the month
  On the first day of Aswan, there was a trembling coolness in the breeze. The clearing of Xiaoyue is integrated into the luster of white oleander. It is like the aroma of the red robes of the morning glow, and the breath of white scent flows on the exposed grass. Oh, today is the first day of Aswan.
  The transparent dawn blew the snail in the eastern sky, and the resonance of the abdominal cavity was full of blood. Throughout the ages, how many countries have conquered the world's heroes on the road to death, struggling to find immortal life . The silent remnants of their victory snails floated in the dewy sunshine, and their appeal to the subordinates to throw away their wives also rang in the first day of Aswan.
  The burden of wealth, the burden of reputation, the burden of anxiety, they thrown into the dust, calmly rushed to the intricate danger. The conspirators used the dirty hands to throw smashed stones at their brows. They come down from the sky like a comet, and they pull out the small flaws of the hidden shackles on the hard and hard journey. They don't get a chance to suffocate, but they don't want to look back. Their holy flags fluttered in the clouds on the early autumn morning of Aswan.
  Wake up, my heart! Don't be timid! Don't be greedy! Mo is anxious! The Chaoyang, which is greeted by the brocade-like reeds, sings and sings! Cut the smashed nails from the bleeding body, unplug the imaginary roots, and step on the greed! Cross the door to death, let the heavy and annoyed failures depress your head. Today, the first day of Aswan, the pure autumn,the shouts of the heroes who conquered themselves and the world in history, screamed in silent silence.