Tagore : the son of mankind
  For those who came to see the news, Jesus gave an immortal life on the cross. Since then, many centuries have passed.
  Today, he came to the world from heaven, and looked at it with all his eyes. He saw the sinful weapon of the old man who had stabbed him all over the body - the spear of the scorpion, the deceitful dagger, the short sword, the cruel and poisonous giant. In the factory where a black smoked flag is hung, it quickly smashes and splatters, splashing a dazzling spark.
  The newly-created arrow of death flashed cold in the hand of the executioner, and the believer engraved the name with sharp nails.
  Jesus handcuffed his chest and realized that the execution period of his death was far from over, and the new spear of the trial in the science hall - piercing his joints. On that day, standing in the shadow of a religious temple, killing his murderer, a group of people resurrected, and now standing in front of the temple altar, chanting the soldiers who ordered the execution: "Don't kill! Kill!"
  The human son sighed with sorrow: "Oh God, the God of the world, why did you abandon me?"