Tagore : Meet
  Rain, it was all night.
  A group of dark clouds are like exhausted deserters, huddled in the sky.
  At the southern end of the garden, the new leaves of the grapevine trees swayed by the light, and the shadows under the trees were alarmed.
  The time is Slavan, the thin sun is like an uninvited guest, and the laughter is swaying in the branches.
  Therefore, the feelings of bathing in the sun floated in the heart of Suiyuan.
  Time seems to be condensing.
  In the afternoon, the sudden rumble of thunderous sounds like a signal. In an instant, the cloud left the lying place, inflated, whistling, and leaping. The pool water of the dam becomes black, and the heavy darkness falls under the banyan tree. The leaves in the distance played a prelude to the rain.
  In the blink of an eye, heavy rain, the sky is blank, and the ground is vast. The old forest trees swayed with the fluffy branches, like the urchins playing and playing. The huge palm leaves and the branches of bamboo have lost their usual solitude.
  Not long after, the wind stopped rain. The blue sky is wiped out. A sloppy crescent moon seems to have just abandoned the sickbed, with a tired smile on his face, strolling in Tianyu.
  The heart said to me, all the small things I saw were not willing to die on their own. Countless fresh moments boarded my seventy-year-old ferry and immediately sailed to "invisible." Only dash slack time being I keep, stay in a mediocre poetry in; they do not tell future generations a common thing - I have to watch these wonderful sight.