Tagore : The last gift
  The children's playground is full of hot and dry dust, and there is no grass.
  A Kangina tree next to the playground could not find the same color as himself. When I saw it, I couldn’t help but think of the black-haired dog on our porch.
  Around the kitchen, a group of wild dogs turned around and waited for food to be delivered with confidence. They compete for, scream, scream, but enjoy the happiness of nature.
  Our baby black-haired dog David jumped up from time to time, his body violently shaking, his eyes staring at the south with a sorrowful passion, and Wang Wangwang called a few times, apparently wanting to join them.
  Similarly, the Conkina tree does not stand alone in its own green world, but on the barren dust that is crushed by the human foot. It looks into the distance, where the portrait of the forest is painted on the blades of grass.
  spring is coming. There is no way to know how the emotions of the spring breeze penetrate into its bone marrow.
  Not far away, the sand tree from the top of the ground informs the visitors from the southern seashore about the new leaf filling.
  In the rising green hustle and bustle, the messenger who did not show up on the end of the day slammed the heart of Kangji’s tree, and told the ear of the day that the last rays of the sun would come and dance in the last children’s event in the young leaves. .
  It did not hesitate, and the smiley face was revealed on several clusters of lilac petals. All the germinated new leaves are falling, and it has nothing to lose.
  In the spring, it hollowed out its gift, and then bid farewell to the indifference of grayish brown dust.