Tagore : gentle notes
  I gave her the soft note "Mi" in my heart.
  Once the name was passed to her ear, she must sit down in confusion and ask with a smile: "What does this name mean?"
  The meaning is not clear, but it is pure.
  The world is complicated, there are all kinds of good and evil... In the meantime, she is basically acquainted with everyone.
  I sat and watched, she didn't know that she was playing a piece of music around her.
  In the place where the throne of her mind  is placed, under the foot of the soul, the shadow of the blue smoke rising from the painful incense burner, like the cloud covering the moon, floats on her eyes, light Lightly cover the smile.
  Her voice reveals no regrets, she does not know that this is the piano of her life popped up. However, her stepping, her sitting, her words and demeanor, but with the music of the morning music.
  I couldn't figure out how she would do this, so she called her a soft note "Mi".
  I don't understand why I looked up at her, and the heartstrings shed tears.