Tagore : Separation
  Today is rainy, but it is not the day of the eternal singer "Cloud Make".
  This day is imprisoned in the stillness. The wind does not blow, the clouds do not move, and the drizzle like a crepe hangs straight down, covering the face of the white stork.
  Time seems to be solidified, and there are only endless hustle and bustle in the world.
  On the day when the great poet Jia Li Tuo created "Cloud Make", the lightning blazed the green hills, the dark clouds swept across the horizon, and the crazy east wind shook the green forest. The wife of the medicine fork exclaimed: "Oh my God, the hurricane has swept away the mountains!"
  The cloud made it fly away, leaving the heart of the wife not to be crushed, and the freedom of parting overcame grief. The cascading waterfall, the rushing river, and the whistling Lin Tao, awakened the world that day. The heartfelt melody of the human heart rises arrogantly.
  The time when the reunion is not obstructed, but on the other side of the sky, the invisible barriers of the world are encircling the deserted caves.
  During the period of separation, the innocent sorrow flies across the river, flies over the hills, and flies over the forest. The cry of the eaves was drowned in the bustle of the road. Finally arrived at the Mount Galatha, showing the truth of the hustle and bustle.
  There is a treasure trove of treasures there, which stores the unyielding feelings of waiting.
  When the lack of perfection, a milestone of joy was erected on the way from the hustle and bustle . The group waited motionlessly.
  The flowers are always open, and the moon is always there.
  The medicine fork lived alone and was full of love. The beauty he conquered walked happily on the raft.
  Oh, maybe it’s wrong.
  The regiment is not at a loss. It is playing the flute, blowing the flute of hope, and the flute drifts forward on the dark road. The prostitute's footsteps and the sweetheart's call are gradually approaching with the same beat.
  This is why the rivers and rivers have been rushing through the rhythm of the road since ancient times, and the sea is calling for a turn.