On the day of depression, I asked for my pen: Don't make me feel embarrassed; don't let anyone who can't shake the hearts of everyone's heart fall into the eye; in the darkness, faceless; don't shut the door. Light up the colorful lights, oh, don’t worry!
  The world is extremely vast, its glory is never bleak, and its character is very gentle. Under the invisible sunlight, its unsightly eyes are serene and firm, with its rivers, mountains and plains on its chest. It does not belong to me and belongs to countless people. Its drums rang through the square, its flames illuminate the dark, and its flag flutters in the sky. In front of the world, I am embarrassed, my loss, my distress, and it is dust particles.
  When I rely on my self-control to forget my own pain, my pain will appear in the face of the world. I then saw that the torrent of sorrow ran through the dense tributaries on the chest of the years; the mighty heart of the river lingered in the riverbed of thousands of families; the tears of the Brahmaputra River were turbulent, the rivers of families in various countries The stagnation of the sampan has changed. The sorrows and sorrows of the ancient people fell to my chest, and the ribs of my ribs tremble like floods, and then disappeared in the wailing of the earth in "infinity", the motives are unknown.
  Today, I am requesting my pen: don't make me feel embarrassed. Let your contribution flow out of the bank like a river; let my grief be concealed by your gift; let my sad cry melt into the world's thousands of music.