You gave me a tap gold pen and other stationery - a variety of printed letterheads, silver-plated paper cutters, scissors, shellac, red ribbon, cellophane red, blue, green pencil. There is also a walnut desk.
  You told me to write a letter every day.
  After bathing in the morning, I sat down and wrote a letter.
  I don't know what to write for a while.
  I only have one message at the moment - you are gone.
  You also know this news, but you don't seem to understand the content of this message. So, I want to tell you first - you are gone.
  I took the pen again and again, and I realized it again and again. This news is not simple.
  I am not a poet. I have no language to express my heart and my ability to look forward to.
  A piece of stationery made me torn.
  It’s already ten o'clock, your nephew Pagu is going to school, I have to take care of him to eat.
  The last time I wrote "You are gone", the other words were written in the strokes that were changed.