I am drawing a picture of death on my heart.
  I am imagining that the moment of dying is already coming. All belong to me to the homeland and the times.
  All other things, all living beings, all ideals, all efforts, all conflicts of hope and disappointment, are still distributed to all countries and scattered among the hearts of thousands of families.
  In the boundless chest of the sea of ​​time and space, from the near and far, the orbits of a star are running, the unknown endless energy rotates, and these are still within the boundary of the last tremor that I perceive. I am still on one side of the line, and the other countless entities in the "infinite" package are spreading towards the past and the future. In the dense group, there is no me in the blink of an eye. Is this true?
  The wild "does not exist" end will get the position. Is there still a gap in the atom? If death is a void, then don’t you sink into the world of the world? If so, it is a rude protest against the grand whole.