The festival of the gods will come.
  The golden flower reflects the moment, and the cool breeze of the dew is boasting. The scent of jasmine is like a soft and comfortable Capricorn. Looking up at the white clouds, it is difficult to concentrate.
  The teacher explained the formation process of lignite in the classroom.
  A student's legs swayed, and a picture emerged in his mind—near the dilapidated pier of Hetang, the fruit of the lychee tree on the wall of the spotted family. The small riverside road passes through the villages and linens of the cattlemen and extends to the market.
  In the classroom of the Department of Economics, a student who won the award in glasses wrote something to buy in the exercise book – a pair of gold-encrusted shell bracelets, a pair of red velvet slippers from Delhi, a contemporary novel, and a hardcover poem. The title of the book has not yet been determined. In addition, the purchase of "heart and heart" brand sari.
  In a three-story building in Fabianpur, the rough door scorpion is discussing enthusiastically: Go to Abu Bahar or Madura? Going to Dalhous or Puli? 1 Or go to Darjeeling again... I saw five or six pre-purchased goats on the street in front of the station, and they screamed in the quiet autumn sky with the reeds floating. Do they understand that the moment of sacrifice is approaching?
  The foot crossed the past, over there, the chaos of the afterlife is waiting, plucking the rosary of long light and shadow.