Why are the voices of your two birds silent?
  It seems that the sparks of the thick chest that came in and out of the firecrackers, the bitterness of your burning acacia, have been scattered in the trees that linger in the strings of the night. As the image of the song, they will not be discovered, and the wind has integrated them into the shadow of the sky.
  As a mortal, we build a temple for love, and use the music to lay the foundation of eternity; find the gospel of the old, and build a strong wall.
  Love songs belonging to human beings, the hearts of hundreds of millions of lovers, the spread of the spread, spread throughout the world, and spread through the ages.
  It comes from the earth, beyond the earth, and stands in the paradise of imagery.
  Your happy life is rich in simple rhythm, rich in the rhythm of the wings of the high- flying dance, warm, slightly twitching chest, your love nest is built in the world of birds - there is the sweet green of the life of the nectar With the bee's tireless camp, the new leaves with light and shaking, with the excitement of flowers, often new seasonal magic pens smear fresh colors; memories, forget, like a pair of butterflies, fanning in the quiet The wing is playing with the light and shadow.
  We use our own painful colors and juices to construct an illusory hall that escapes from the dust. For love, we surround the happy place.
  That is our song.