I wrote a script.
  Let me briefly introduce the content: Raytheon’s VIP, A Zhou, enters the paradise park, and the Kabuki 伎 哩 湿 湿 湿 湿 湿 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。A Zhou said with no sense: "Goddess, you are the name of the kingdom of heaven, enjoy the perfect honor. Your style is beyond reproach. Let me salute you, your scented wreath should be dedicated to the gods."
  "There is no shortage of heaven," said Yu, a woman with a sigh of relief. "The gods have no desire, and they don't ask for it. I don't have the color of a closed moon. Oh, since there is no evil, who needs to pursue the true beauty! In the fairy On the neck, my beautiful garland is worthless. I am looking forward to the world, just like the world expects me. So I came to you. Pour the love for you, and conclude the golden jade with me! The ordinary folks shed the same Tears, this is an embarrassing expectation in heaven."
  I thought I wrote a very good script.
  Why, want me to remove the word "very good" from the letter? why? Is this boasting? No, this is the truth flowing out of my pen.
  You are amazed at my lack of humility and ask: "Are you sure you are good?"
  "I am not absolutely sure." I said, "The masterpiece of an era may not be a good work in another era. I just said it is a good work of this era without hesitation. If I hesitate, keep silent, silence is What is true?"
  I have created a considerable number of works for decades, and I think it is a superior work. If I became my dead rival and attacked them, I would be "emotional".
  This script will fall into such a situation one day, so I beg you to allow me to say frankly today that this is a good script.
  This may cause some misunderstandings. The situation is like a sudden drop in heavy rain, and there is a turbid water everywhere.
  However, my pen will still squat on the paper, like drinking too much alcohol, drunk and dancing.
  I will finish this letter, as if the ship is driving into dense fog, the machine will not stop running.
  Let's talk about the language of the script.
  The literary friends tried to argue that the dialogue of the script should be verse, and I wrote essays.
  Poetry is the sea, the first creation of literature in the early period, and its characteristics are manifested in the ups and downs of the law.
  Prose 姗姗 is late.
  Its feast is outside the rigid rules. In its hall, the beauty is ugly, and it is not crowded with each other; the tattered shawl and the silk satin are wrapped together; the music and the noise are mixed.
  The essay's command rose to the sky, driving the song, driving roaring, driving a soft melody, driving a storm of earth-shattering.
  Prose sometimes sprays flames, sometimes pouring waterfalls. There are vast plains in the world of prose, as well as winding mountains, deep forests and desolate deserts.
  Whoever wants to control prose, who must learn a variety of techniques, has a high spirit of building, avoiding the stagnation of gestures.
  Prose has no surging appearance, it stimulates the inner melody with light and heavy techniques. In the script I wrote in such a prose, there is both the quietness of the ancient times and the glory of the present.