Today, in the early morning ranch squeezed the first bucket of milk, the merchants in the market made the first business, I met the fresh morning light, carrying the basket, selling the slightly yellow immature fruit.
  I spent a few hours on the road.
  Many people have talked about my fruit. Many people took it and returned it, and many people tasted it without paying.
  One day passed away.
  Time has passed without leaving a footprint.
  However, why do we store the load of memories? Why drag the responsibility of one day to another day? Repayment of arrears, loan recovery, why not face the future calmly.
  I admit that if I sell the leftovers yesterday, the business will not be booming, but why not sell some!
  Day after day, the world’s house rents cash for payment, and the last day is to show off the power in vain, and it’s stupid to lock the door in vain!
  So, when I heard the first bell, I went out to clean up the debt. Going to the door, I will see you in the "contemporary" garden.
  In the future, when your partner screams that you don't need me, you will have a pain in your heart.
  This is my worry.
  This is my hope.
  You are not coming to the referee. It is wrong, you link your years and my years to your heart. I stare at your big eyes, and your eyes are filled with expectation.
  So, I returned again and kept the oath of love. At dusk, I look at your face and make new attempts. I use my jewelry to dress up my mind. I am thinking of you, leaving it to your side of the roadside, friends on the road, I hope you will say in the future, it touched your heart and satisfied your needs.
  I don't have time to be famous. You trust me sincerely, leaving your trust to future generations as Sichuan capital is my wish.
  May you proudly announce that I am one of you. With this kind of enthusiasm, I walked into the present--and looked back, not seeing you.
  Wherever you went, my old days were covered with a veil, and the old songs had an eternal connotation.
  Today, I am alone in the "newness" group, and here, only today, there is no yesterday.